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Over 1 million Coloradans have turned to us for help when they needed it most.

No matter how much I drank, I still felt empty.

When I reached out, I was killing myself with alcohol—or it was killing me.

I bottled up the pain and the anger until I just couldn’t hold it all in anymore.

I was feeling overwhelmed, and something wasn’t quite right.

I just needed someone who would listen.

When I reached out, I was struggling with my relationship with my mom.

Nobody understood how I identify.

When I reached out, I was struggling with accepting my sexuality.

I was afraid of what my family would think.

When I reached out, I was on the verge of suicide.

My farm was underwater. And I was drowning.

When I reached out, my family farm was failing and there was no upside in sight.

You've got the Black secrecy. You don't say anything. You don't tell family business.

You handle it all in-house.

My baby wasn’t sleeping and I couldn’t get through the day.

I knew having a child would be stressful.

She was in all the pictures, but she wasn’t really there.

When I reached out, my sister’s addiction had taken her away from us.

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